Upgrading Avi-on Mobile Commissioning App


Upgrade Avi-on Mobile Commissioning App This Week

Greetings commercial installers! Avi-on is proud to launch the latest addition to the Avi-on Digital Toolbox: the Avi-on Pro Mobile Commissioning App, available free for download in Google Play and iTunes.

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Q1:  What is the Commissioning app for? 
Avi-on Pro Mobile Commissioning App is exclusively for use with Avi-on Commercial Lighting Contols hardware and . By “splitting” the existing Avi-on mobile apps into two versions: Avi-on Commissioning and Avi-on Home, commercial installers will be able to harness the power of a mobile tool designed exclusively for commissioning networks of any size. 

The Avi-on Pro Mobile Commissioning App is designed for individual installers to do quick, onsite commissioning of rooms, floors, or small- to medium-sized buildings.  It can also be used by end users to make small changes or control their site remotely.

  • For powerful, large-scale commissioning and diagnostics of entire buildings and campuses by either teams or individuals, we recommend the Avi-on Pro Large Scale Commissioning Web Application (Avi-on Pro LS). Avi-on Pro LS is available to authorized Avi-on installers. 

Q2: What is the upgrade experience for commercial account holders?
After the new apps are released to the app stores, when a user next opens their Avi-on mobile app, accounts that have one or more Avi-on commercial-grade devices will be immediately taken to their respective app stores to download the new Avi-on Pro Mobile Commissioning App. Here is a link to a quick slideshow of the upgrade.

  • Username and password credentials will be automatically transitioned to the Commissioning App, and users will be automatically logged into the new app.  From there the new app will function exactly as the current one does.  We recommend deleting the residential app from your phone after the update to avoid future confusion.
  • Residential customers will remain with the re-branded Avi-on Home App and will be prevented from using the Commercial commissioning app unless they have commercial grade devices in their account.

Q3: I’m a commercial customer, why can’t I stay with the Avi-on Home app?

  • To ensure long-term compatibility with the rapidly expanding Avi-on commercial features and functionality, Avi-on is requiring all commercial customers to upgrade to the new Commissioning App the next time that you open the Avi-on mobile app.
  • Avi-on commercial-grade devices and apps have more features and functionality than the residential ones. Features like Avi-on ZoneScanner™ compatibility, the Avi-on Mobile Access Bridge™, unlimited groups, high- and low-end trim, sensors, energy data collection, and DLC 5.0 and OpenADR 2.0 certifications will only be available in conjunction with the Commissioning App.


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