What if my firmware update fails?

What if something goes wrong:

If something goes wrong, don't worry.  It will work and you will be running again.

If the update fails for any reason, just REBOOT your phone, open the Avi-on app, press the firmware update button on the device you were working on (it will now be Red) and restart the process again from the beginning.

Possible reasons for failure can include:

  • Leaving the app during the update process
  • Sometimes receiving a phone call during the update can cause a problem
  • Moving out of range of the device in the middle of the update
  • Turning off the power to the device during the update

It is possible depending on when the failure occurred that your device may not function until you successfully complete the update.

If you leave an update and your device becomes inoperable, you may need to power cycle the device for your phone be able to reach it.

DO NOT perform a device reset. This may cause a permanent loss of connectivity to the device if performed in the middle of a firmware update.

You must REBOOT your phone if it fails before trying again.  Some settings in the mobile phone operating system bluetooth software can only be reset with a reboot.  We did not make this up, it is Apple and Android, sorry.


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