Common Reasons Customers Ask For Tech Support

We are pleased to report that less than 2% of our installations result in a helpdesk inquiry. If you are one of the 2%, this list may answer your question.
The first thing to note is that the connected product experience is only as good as the phone, the product installation method, and the quality of the electricity powering the device. Products that are Powered by Avi-on are tested constantly, and our software is refreshed every 12 to 18 weeks in order to keep up with changes that Apple and Google make to iOS and Android, respectively. If Apple/Google create a bug that impacts how your phone accesses its Bluetooth radio, it can make it harder for your phone to access your Avi-on devices.
  • The number one thing you can do to refresh your experience is simple: reboot your phone. Turn it all the way off. Then turn it back on. We suggest that you reboot your phone right now.
Here is a quick list of reasons that people contact us, and how to refresh your phone, your switches, and your experience.
When you can't "see" the switch on your phone and/or "it's not working"
  1. The phone can no longer can access its Bluetooth radio. When a phone or tablet hasn't been rebooted in a while, or if you have updated the operating system, then it may lose the use of its Bluetooth 4.0 radio. SOLUTION: Please logout of the Avi-on app, reboot the phone by turning it all the way off for 30 seconds, then turn it back on. Login to the Avi-on app. .
  2. The bluetooth radio and/or location services on the phone are OFF. iOS and Android change their protocols and sometimes your experience improves when Location Services is ON. SOLUTION: Make sure that BOTH the Bluetooth radio AND Location Services are set to ON.
  3. The switch is already claimed to another account. Avi-on is a secure system. If you can't "see" the switch on your app, then it is "claimed" to another account. You can tell if the switch is "claimed" if the blue LED indicator is solid. If the blue LED indicator is blinking in sets of two, then the switch is "unclaimed" and available for you to add to your account. SOLUTION: do a hard reset will return the switch to factory settings (indicated by the blue LED blinking in sets of two). A hard reset will allow you to "add" and re-program the switch normally. (The black GE Outdoor Switch does not have a blue LED.)
  4. Trying to use 2 (or more) phones/tablets to access 1 switch. Often people start with one phone, then add a second, and "the switch stops working." This situation is called a sparse network. SOLUTION: Test for a sparse network by logging out of the app on all but one phone. If it works, then you just need to avoid "app wars." You can use many phones to control many devices. Read about many-to-many controls here.
  5. A power outage, brown out, or power surge has frozen your switch. When the switch is frozen, then it may or may not work with the manual button, and/or it may or may not be "seen" by the app. SOLUTION: Please re-boot the switch by turning the power off for 30 seconds, then back on. (For in-walls, you need to do this at the breaker. For plug-ins, you unplug and then plug-in.)  If this doesn't work, then try walking through the steps on the connection list IN THE ORDER SHOWN.
  6. Claiming the switch using the Bluetooth screen instead of the Avi-on app. Trying pair the switch with the Bluetooth screen on your Android phone can cause it to be permanently bonded to that phone: What that means is you will thereafter only be able to use the device with that particular phone. DO NOT TRY TO PAIR YOUR SWITCH USING THE BLUETOOTH SCREEN ON YOUR PHONE. This can occur on some models of Android phones due to problems in the Android operating system.  If this happens, we can fix it with an over-the-air firmware update.  Contact for assistance.  
  7. Using the switch for a non-rated use and burning it up. People love timers on hot tubs, heaters, aquariums, and more. They don't always check to make sure that the motor that they are driving is properly sized for the switch. As a result, they burn up the switch. Non-rated uses are not covered by the product warranty. SOLUTION: For GE Branded products, check the load specs at the manufacturer's website: BEFORE you burn up the switch.
  8. Physically breaking the switch. It is rare, but if the switch was struck, soaked with water, shocked with a power surge, or other mishaps, then the switch can break. If the manual button on the switch doesn't operate it, then it is likely broken. Check with on their warranty policy.

The schedule is not working correctly:

  1. Schedule is out of synch with the time. There are a number of fixes for this situation, the simplest is to just turn it on/off with the app. If that doesn't work, then please take a look at this great overview about synchronizing clocks and schedules. 
  2. Schedule is inconsistent.
    • The device you are controlling is exceeding the specified load on the switch. Motors, heaters, swamp coolers, and air conditioners can have a high initial current that drops the voltage on the circuit below the operating range of the device. Best case is that it cases the switch to go into "safety mode," which is OFF. The worst case is that you burn up the switch and break it. Please read the specifications of the switch to ensure that you are using it within spec. If you are running GE branded devices, see for information.
    • The electricity supplying the device is unstable. Unstable power happens because the outlet or in-wall is incorrectly wired, because there is a device on the circuit that "hogs" power (like an air conditioner, motor, or a heater), and/or because your home or office is a long ways out on your power grid and you have low-quality power. All of these situations can be very frustrating for you, the customer. The only fix is to improve the quality of power.
      • Re-wire the outlet for a plug-in or re-wire the in-wall (re-wiring fixes most of these questions)
      • Move the device to a "quiet" circuit that does not have a "power hog" on it, or take the "power hog" off the circuit
      • If your home or office is on an unstable part of the electrical grid, that is pretty much impossible to fix

The app is "behaving strangely" AND you have an in-wall switch:

  1. Installing an in-wall switch or dimmer without fully securing the neutral wire. If the in-wall isn't wired securely, then the bluetooth radio inside the switch cannot broadcast a reliable signal. This can make the schedule unreliable and make the app experience unpredictable. SOLUTION: un-install the in-wall switch. Then, re-install it and wire the switch securely.
  2. Installing two "masters" for a three-way or multi-way switch. Three-way or multi-way switches are used when you have two or more switches controlling one light or switch-leg. If you install two "master" switches on a multi-way leg, you will get "weird" behavior. To properly wire a multi-way, then you need to install a "master" and a "slave". In GE parlance, that is an "add-on" switch that doesn't have a bluetooth radio in it. The alternative is to install the "master" switch in the "master" location, cap the slave locations, and replace them with wireless Avi-on Movable Switches.
Here is a general overview of connecting to your Avi-on devices with lots of links to back-up materials.

If none of the above address your question, please let us know at We have a few more tricks up our sleeves.
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