My schedules are not working correctly, how do I fix it?

If you are having problems with your schedules, such as schedules not turning on and off when you expect, read on, here is how to make sure they are set up correctly.

Because schedules are stored in the memory of your Avi-on devices, your switches and timers work 24/7 whether your phone is nearby or not. 

Problems with schedules can occur for several reasons:

  1. You are exceeding the rated device load
  2. You are having frequent power outages
  3. You may have a device with a weak Real Time Clock Chip
  4. Your device may not have been programmed correctly (very rare)

Read HERE for more background on how this can happen

Four Ways to Synchronize Device Clocks and Update Schedules on Your Avi-on Devices

There are three ways to update and/or repair the schedules saved in the memory of the devices.

  1. Option 1: Open the Avi-on app, then turn a the device that is not working correctly ON/OFF. The app will automatically update the clocks on all of your devices.
  2. Option 2: Manually SYNCH DATE AND TIME. This option enables you to synchronize the clocks on your devices with the time on your phone. To use this function, follow the directions below.
  3. Option 3: Purchase an Avi-on Remote Access Bridge and get 24/7 network synchronization. Info here.
  4. Option 4: Delete and re-program schedules. Sometimes, environmental factors like a severe power surge and/or you tried to save a schedule but you were not in range of your device, the schedules are incorrect. There is an easy fix: REMOVE the schedule and re-program it. After you ADD it back, make sure to ASSOCIATE it with your devices. 

How to manually SYNCH DATE AND TIME

  1. Logout of the Avi-on app
  2. Login to the Avi-on app
  3. To access SYNCH DATE AND TIME, follow these instructions.

From the DASHBOARD, touch the THREE DOTS (not three lines !! ) on the upper right corner of the device, select the PENCIL. This will bring you to the EDIT screen.

01.png 02.png

On the EDIT screen, press the three vertical dots in the upper right corner, then"Info", press SYNCH DATE AND TIME and follow the instructions.

03.png 04.png 05.png 

Go back to the DASHBOARD. Repeat this process on ALL devices on your dashboard.

Set a sample schedule and see if it works. 

If these steps do not work, please consult this article again to make sure you have not overloaded the circuit, and that you are not simply seeing the effects of power outages.

If you have reviewed the power outage and loading conditions and are certain you are using the device within is specifications, Please contact Avi-on at We can apply a firmware update that works more reliably in some circumstances.




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