How do I connect with my Avi-on network?

Connected devices work best when all the pieces of the system are high quality: the switch hardware, the installation of the switch, the reliability of electricity, and the quality of the phone or tablet. If one piece is weak, then the entire system performs at a less-than-expected level.
It may be hard to believe, but connection problems are usually a result of problems with your phone or tablet. Read on for more information about how to connect successfully.
How to Connect to Avi-on
Avi-on products use the Bluetooth radio (not Wi-Fi) on your phone or tablet to connect with your Avi-on compatible devices. In order to successfully connect to your switches, you will need to make sure all of the following items are TRUE.  Be sure NOT to use the Bluetooth pairing screen on your phone to connect to Avi-on devices.  Only use the Avi-on app.
  1. You rebooted your phone (turned it off, then on) to refresh the phone's connection with its Bluetooth radio
  2. The Bluetooth radio on your PHONE is ON
  3. You are within range of your switch (25 to 100 ft)
  4. Your Avi-on compatible product is powered and in good working order (if it is not, see #5 and #9 below)
  5. The blue LED on the switch is on (except for outdoor switches, they do not have an LED)
    • If the blue LED is flashing, then the device is ready to be added to your network using "the big plus button" 
    • If the blue LED is solid, then the switch is claimed (you can do a hard reset if you want to return it to factory settings)
    • If the blue LED is off, then your switch is not wired properly (or not powered or broken) (outdoor switches do NOT have an LED)
  6. You are using a phone/tablet with a good quality bluetooth radio and newer operating system (OS) (some Androids have known issues like the "death grip"
  7. You only have one app at a time per device running (running many phones on one device is called sparse network)
  8. You are connecting to the device using the correct User ID and password. Avi-on is a secure network with many-to-many controls, so if you attempt to connect to it from the wrong account, then you won't be able to "see" the device
  9. If the manual button is not working correctly on the device, the device may be frozen or broken. Power cycle the device (unplug the device or turn the breaker controlling it off, then on) may cure the problem. Here is a link to how to test for a broken device.
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