How do I get an Avi-on Premium Account?

To upgrade to Avi-on Premium, and access the grouping feature, you will need to have an activation link sent to your email. There are a few ways of obtaining this link.

If you purchased your Avi-on device from a retail store and downloaded the app, you may note that the grouping feature is not available. In this case, you will need to go to and purchase an Avi-on Premium Upgrade for your account. Click here to purchase an Avi-on Premium Upgrade.

If you purchased your Avi-on from, you may have noticed a premium account was added to your cart, free of cost. Proceed with your checkout normally.

Once you have purchased an Avi-on Premium Upgrade, whether you got your device from a retail store or, an email will be sent to the email you used to register your account titled "Your Avi-on Premium Activation Code." This email will contain a link directing you to log in to your account. Once you have done so, your account will be upgraded to Avi-on Premium. 

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