Avi-on app summary

The Avi-on App - available for both iOS and Android -  allows you to claim and control any lighting device that is equipped with Avi-on’s simple Bluetooth Smart Mesh technology. With the Avi-on app, you can dim your lights, set up schedules and countdowns; and you can also upgrade to an Avi-on Premium Account and enable features like grouping*. All from your smartphone or tablet with no wi-fi hub or gateway required. Device settings are saved on the Avi-on secure cloud, and your devices will work as programmed regardless of whether your smartphone or tablet is turned on and within range.


*Upgrade to an Avi-on Premium Account and add features like grouping.  If you would like to add grouping to your Avi-on app, please visit Avi-on.com/Premium for additional instructions.

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