Setting up a schedule

To set up a new schedule, follow these steps:

Once you have claimed a device, tap the "three vertical dots" icon to the right of your device's name. Or swipe from right to left on the device.


Tap the calendar icon on the slider.


Using the dial, set your desired time.  (For iOS you can drag the time around the dial; for Android, you need to move each end of the dial.)


Tap the days of the week that you want the schedule applied to.

Tap "Save" and give your schedule a unique name.


To temporarily disable or enable a schedule, just turn it on or off from the schedule summary page.  You must be in range of the network/device to enable/disable a schedule.

As a quick point of fact, schedules run from the memory on the device, not from the app. The app is used to program the device, and then schedules are kept on the memory of the device. This is why schedules run whether the phone is near the device or not.​    

For help setting up additional schedules click here.   

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