What is the range of the Avi-on™ network?

Avi-on is built on Bluetooth Smart and Mesh, a locally controlled network which has considerable range of 25 to 100 feet, point-to-point, depending on the type of phone/tablet you are using and your method of installation.

In most cases, you can operate any Avi-on™ device from any point in your home or office- with the possible exception if you own a very large home and only one or two Avi-on devices. The range coverage and performance keeps improving as you add more devices to your Avi-on network.

We find that most range challenges are a result of one of two things: the phone or tablet that you are using, or the way you have the device installed.

  • In the case of the phone, some phones/tablets have lesser-quality Bluetooth radios. Android phones, in particular are known to have problems because of bugs in the Android operating system.
  • Some installation methods limit the range of the Bluetooth Smart + Mesh Network. Sometimes there is an excessive amount of metal immediately around or in the area of the Avi-on device. As a result, it makes it difficult for radio signals to travel.

In-wall Switches deserve special attention when you install them. The metal boxes and or excessive metal in the area of the switch can cause interference and reduce your range.

If a device is installed in a compromised way, then you can increase its range by adding another Avi-on device in the area. Larger networks act as repeaters for each other. You might try using a GE Plug-in on a lamp or pairing your in-wall with an Avi-on Movable Switch to add-a-switch-anywhere--no electrician required. 

The Avi-on Remote Access Bridge now enables you to control your Avi-on network from anywhere in the world! Learn more about our Remote Access Bridge here


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