Creating Zones

Install your Avi-on products in adjacent zones for a seamless installation experience

Installing by zone will help the success of your Avi-on install.

As you install Avi-on enabled devices, you expand your network coverage with each device installed. To avoid creating a segmented network or other potential issues, divide your install into zones. 

Begin by installing all devices in a single zone.  Once a zone is completed, move to an adjacent zone, then continue zone by zone until all devices are installed and your complete mesh network is functioning properly.

Note: All Avi-on compatible switches and stakes act as repeaters in the network.  They can be used as a bridge between zones.  The Avi-on RAB and Movable Switch cannot be used to link zones.



* Segmented Network: If there is significant distance between zones, your device(s) may be out of range of your network and you will create a “segmented mesh”.  If this is the case, see section D (Segmented Network) below to learn how at add linking products.

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