How to use the schedule repair tool.

Problem: After updating my application my schedules are not following their set times on devices. 


Solution:  Use the Schedule Repair Tool to update your existing schedules.


Steps to follow to resolve this issue:

1) Reach out to support to have Schedule Repair Tool enabled within your account. Also ensure your device has been updated to application version 1.6.1 and Avi-On devices are updated to firmware version 1.10.

2) You will need to be close to your devices to ensure each schedule can be saved to the devices being updated by the Schedule Repair Tool. If you can turn your device on and off via your application you are close enough for it to push the schedule update. If you cannot manually turn on and off the device you will want to move closer to the devices you cannot control once the original repair is complete and run the Schedule Repair Tool on those devices as well. 

3) Open your application and navigate to the Schedule tab.  (See picture below)



4) You will see the Schedule Checkup button on the bottom of your Schedules Page, Select Schedule Checkup.  (See picture below)


5) Select OK to start the Schedule Repair Tool ( See picture below)



Once started you will see this:



6) Once completed your schedules will be working as expected. 











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