What are the differences between an application update and a firmware update?

Avi-On labs releases both application updates and firmware updates to improve function and usability of our application and devices. 


Application updates - These updates are for your device that controls your Avi-On enabled products. When an application update is released it is then available from the Android Google Play store and from the Apple Store to install on your Phone or Tablet. 


Firmware Update - These updates are for your Avi-On enabled products such as In-Wall Switches and Dimmers, as well as Plug-In Switches and Dimmers. These updates are available from within your application and are pushed from your Phone or Tablet to the devices installed within your environment. Further information on updating your Firmware can be found at the following link: Update Firmware.

Further information about what firmware updates are for can be found here: What Are Firmware Updates.

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