Scheduling your Devices

**Important note**

When migrating to the Avi-on 1.6.0 app, all previously set device schedules will be stored under the schedules tab within the app. If you have similar schedules set on multiple devices, these schedules will be duplicated in the new schedules table. We recommend that you clean up your schedules table by deleting duplicated schedules and making sure that your individual devices are still associated with the correct scheduled times. 


Section 1:

Getting Started

You can now create general schedules that can be assigned and removed to different devices and groups. Schedules have their own screen within the app that can be accessed from the app drawer. To access the app drawer, press the “three horizontal lines” in the upper left hand corner of the “Devices” menu. Note that these three lines are in the same location throughout the app, so you can always press them to return to the drawer.

Once in the drawer, you will see the scheduling tab along with other features covered in separate FAQs. Click on Schedules to access the new scheduling page.


We’ve designed the “Scheduling” page to look like the “Devices” page and it is just as easy to navigate. This screen is where all your schedules will live. Tap the large plus sign in the center of the screen, or in the top right corner, to create your first schedule.

Using the dial, set your desired time.

iOS Users:  Drag the time around the dial.

Android Users: Move each end of the dial.

Tap the days of the week that you want the schedule applied to. You must select at least one day for the Schedule to save in a later step.


Tap the three “vertical white dots” in the upper right hand corner of the screen to edit the name of your schedule. Note that you can also remove schedules by tapping these same three white dots. Press “Edit Name” and enter a unique name for your schedule.


Then press “OK”. Note that if you are using Amazon Alexa to control your Avi-on devices, you will want to pick a name that is easily recognizable for Alexa.


After pressing “OK” you will be returned to the schedule editing window. Tap "Save" and your schedule will then show up on the “Schedules” page. If you do not press save, then the changes you made to your schedule will not show up on the “Schedules” page.

 You now know how to create schedules!



Section 2:

Assigning schedules to a device or group.

After you have created a schedule, you must choose which devices/groups will operate on that schedule.

First you will need to navigate from the “Schedules” page back to the “Devices” page within the app. You can do this by pressing the “three horizontal lines” in the upper left hand corner of the screen to reveal the app drawer, then press Devices.

Devices must be claimed in order to assign a schedule. If you have not already claimed your devices, you should do so now.


Similarly, if you prefer to select a group for the schedule, choose Groups. Note that schedules can only be assigned to a group if the group has already been created.
From the “Devices” menu, tap the “three vertical black dots” next to the right of your device’s name. Or swipe from right to left on the device.

If you are in the “Groups” menu rather than “Devices”, the commands shown above are the same. Tap the “three vertical black dots” next to the right of your group’s name or swipe from right to left on the group.
Tap the calendar icon on the slider and you will be taken to a scheduling window for that device or group. Tap the schedule you would like to assign to that device, and then press Done.

If you are assigning a schedule to a group rather than a device, you will see very similar screens.

You will then see a screen that says “Saving…” with a status bar. Once the schedule is saved to your device/group, you will be brought back to the “Devices” or “Groups” menu. You will now be able to see a note under the name of your device/group that will indicate the next time that the device/group is scheduled to turn ON/OFF. An example of the note is shown below, “On at 7:45 pm.”


There is an alternative way to assign a schedule to a device/group that is very similar to the above process. From the “Devices” or “Groups” menu, press the pencil icon on the slider instead of the calendar icon. This will take you to the “Settings” menu for that specific device.
From the “Settings” page, tap the calendar icon at the bottom of the screen and you will arrive at the scheduling window for that device (or group). Tap the schedule you would like to assign to that device/group, and then press Done. Wait for the app to save your schedule and then you’re all done!

Similarly, the screens you will see for assigning a schedule to a group are shown below.






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