Scheduling/Grouping Devices with Firmware Versions Less than 1.10

Devices with firmware that is less than 1.10 may behave differently when using the new 1.6 app version. To achieve the full functionality of the app, it is recommended that you update all of your devices to 1.10 firmware versions. The following are some limitations that you will experience if you do NOT do so:

You will be unable to add a group schedule to the device. Schedules will need to be added to the devices separately. You must have 1.10 firmware and the grouping feature in order to achieve this functionality.

Each device running firmware that is less than 1.10 will be limited to 7 schedules per device. Devices with 1.10 firmware will allow you to add 10 schedules per device. Furthermore, if you upgrade to a pro account, you will be able to set 20 different schedules per device.



Important: Under the schedules tab, the app will allow you to create 10 schedules even though you will only be able to add 7 of them to devices running firmware that is less then 1.10.


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