Creating, Editing and Adding Features to Scenes


Scenes was designed to expand the opportunities for personalizing your Avi-on system, enable a higher level of user flexibility and increase the intelligence of the app.

Scenes capability allows users to combine scheduling with custom dimming, transitions, tunable color profiles and more. Much like other Avi-on capabilities, Scenes has its own “home screen” within the app that can be accessed through the app drawer. To access the app drawer, press the “three horizontal lines” in the upper left hand corner of the “Devices” menu. Note that these three lines are in the same location on many other screens within the app as well, so you can always press them to return to the drawer.

Once in the drawer, you will see the new Scenes tab along with other new features covered in separate FAQs. Click on Scenes to get started.

Tap the large plus sign in the center of the screen, or in the top right corner, to set up your first scene. Enter a unique name in the following page and press Done.

03.png 04.png
Next you will be prompted to add members to your Scene. Touch and drag devices from the bottom of the screen towards the top of the screen to add them to your Scene. Once finished adding members to your scene, press Next. You will then see a screen that says “Saving…” with a status bar.

05.png 06.png 07.png

Once the scene is saved, you will arrive at the “Scene Settings” menu. The layout of the “Scene Settings” screen is similar to the “Device Settings” screen and should feel familiar. From this menu, you can edit the name of your scene, add an image to your scene, change its members, create transitions, create countdowns, assign the scene to schedules, add the scene to your favorites list or even delete the scene. These features will be covered in further detail below.


New App “Scene Settings” Menu


Editing Scene Members

The Scenes icon in the bottom left corner of the screen will bring you back to “Scene Members” page. Just like when you first created the scene, touch and drag devices/groups from the bottom of the screen towards the top of the screen to add them to your scene. You can also drag devices/groups from the top towards the bottom to remove them from your scene. Tap Settings at the top left of the “Scene Members” page to return to the “Scene Settings” menu.

09.png 10.png


Creating Scene Transitions

The Transitions icon is adjacent to the Scenes icon, and is represented by three vertical lines. Tap this icon and you will arrive at the “Transition” page. Here you can create a specific transition for your scene. Read more about transitions here. (Since FAQ’s are not yet published, see the “Transitions FAQ”)

Note: Transitions are a Pro feature, and will be available to Avi-on Pro account holders only. Click here to upgrade to a Pro account today.

11.png 12.png 


Scene Countdowns

Tap the hourglass icon and you will arrive at the “Countdown” page for your scene. You can set a countdown timer by swiping up or down on the time shown in the large white circle. Tap ON or OFF under the word “Action” to control whether your scene will be turned ON/OFF when the countdown timer reaches zero.

Once you have customized your countdown, press Start.

13.png 14.png


You will see a “clock or pie” looking countdown timer begin. Note that you can press Stop to terminate the countdown early.  When the countdown timer reaches zero, your scene will be activated or deactivated and you will receive a notification message that your scene has just turned ON/OFF. Press OK to dismiss the message. Click on Settings at the top left of the Countdown page to return to the “Scene Settings” menu.

15.png 16.png 17.png


Scene Scheduling

Tap the calendar icon at the bottom right corner of the screen and you will arrive at the “Schedules” page for your scene. Tap the schedule you would like to assign to your scene, and then press Done.

You will then see a screen that says “Saving…” with a status bar. Once the schedule is saved to your scene, you will be brought back to the “Schedules” menu. Press Settings at the top left of the Schedules page to return to the “Scene Settings” menu.


When you are ready to exit the “Scene Settings” menu, press Dashboard and you will be returned to the “Scenes Dashboard” (where all of your scenes live).

 18.png 19.png


Note that you can also edit scenes from the “Scenes Dashboard” without entering the “Scene Settings” menu. To edit a scene from the “Scenes Dashboard”, tap the “three vertical black dots” to the right of your scene’s name. Or swipe from right to left on the scene. You will notice that many of the icons on the slider are the same as the icons in the “Scene Settings” menu. You can access these features at any point through either the slider or the “Scene Settings” menu. To return to the “Scene Settings” menu, press the pencil icon on the slider.

20.png 21.png


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