Controlling, Editing and Adding Features to Groups

Controlling and editing groups in the new Avi-on app, is similar to controlling and editing devices. You can control and edit your groups features from the “Groups Settings” menu.

From the “Groups” menu, you can navigate to the “Group Settings” menu by tapping the “three vertical black dots” to the right of your groups’ name. Or swipe from right to left on the group. Then press the pencil icon to get to the “Group Settings” menu. You can also tap any of the four icons to the left of the pencil icon, and you will be brought directly to that features screen.

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Directly beneath your group name, you can now tap “Show in Favorites” and your group will be saved to the Favorites page. You can then navigate to the Favorites page (through the app drawer) and control your group from there as well. Learn more about Favorites here. (Since FAQ’s are not yet published, see the “Favorites FAQ”)

Your groups can also be controlled using two independent sliders rather than just one. The top slider allows users to adjust the dimming level while the bottom slider serves to adjust the color temperature of your lights. Also, there are four preset dim/color profiles below the two sliders. Simply tap any of the four presets and you will see the two sliders automatically adjust to fit the dim/color positions for that preset.



Assigning Features to your Groups

The Avi-on app allows you to create custom features (like schedules and scenes) and then choose which devices/groups to assign them to.

You will assign these features to your groups from the “Group Settings” menu. Note that you will still have the option to create features from the “Group Settings” menu, but the new ability to assign pre-created features to your groups makes the app much more flexible.

At the bottom of the “Group Settings” screen, you will see the same four icons that appeared on the slider in the “Groups” menu. The remainder of this FAQ will discuss how to edit and control your devices using these four features. Note that you can access these features from either menu at any time.



Assigning Scenes to your Group

From the “Group Settings” menu, tap the Scenes icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. You will then arrive at a page showing scenes for that specific group. Here you will be able to see pre-created scenes that the group is already a member of, as well as create a new scene that the group will belong to.

To edit an existing scene that the group is a member of, tap the blue pencil icon. The following screens will allow you to modify that scene and then save it.

To create a new scene, tap the blue plus “+” icon. Enter a unique name for your new scene and then follow the prompts through the following screens to finishing creating your scene. Note that once the scene has been created, it will be saved in the “Scenes” menu that can be accessed through the app drawer.

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Editing Group Members

Tap the Groups icon, adjacent to the scenes icon, and you will arrive at the “Group Members” screen. Touch and drag devices from the bottom of the screen towards the top of the screen to add them to your group. Or, drag them from top to bottom and they will be removed from your group. Once you’re finished, click on Settings at the top left of the “Group Members” page to return to the “Group Settings” menu.

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Group Countdowns

Tap the hourglass icon and you will arrive at the “Countdown” page for your group. Just like in the old app, you can set a countdown timer by swiping up or down on the time shown in the large white circle. Tap ON or OFF under the word “Action” to control whether your group will be turned ON/OFF when the countdown timer reaches zero.

Once you have customized your countdown, press Start.

When the countdown timer reaches zero, your group will be activated or deactivated and you will receive a notification message that your group has just turned ON/OFF. Press OK to dismiss the message. Click on Settings at the top left of the Countdown page to return to the “Group Settings” menu.

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Assigning Schedules to your Group

Tap the calendar icon in the bottom right hand corner of the page and you will be taken to the scheduling window for your group. Tap the schedule you would like to assign to the group, and then press Done.

You will then see a screen that says “Saving…” with a status bar. Once the schedule is saved to your group, you will be brought back to the “Group Settings” menu.

That’s it!

Remember that you can control/edit your groups at any time from either the “Group Settings” menu or the Group Dashboard.

Also keep in mind that GROUPS do not show status (offline or online). You can check status on a Device level. Because in large, complex networks, devices can belong to multiple groups and be on multiple schedules. The group may contain devices that are in different states.

For more detailed information about features covered in this app (like scenes and schedules), see the specific FAQ’s for each of those features.


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