How do I check the battery life of my Movable Switch

You can check the Movable switch battery life by following these steps:

Navigate to the the movable switch info screen pressing the 'i' button:

Then go to the movable switch and press the wake up button on the front plate.

The battery life will display on the info screen.

If the batteries are between 30%-50%, or if you are seeing erratic behavior we recommend replacing the batteries.  In normal use they should last several years.  They may last less time if the switch is used very frequently or if the switch is frequently added and removed from the account or frequently reprogrammed.

To replace the batteries in the switch, you will need three 2032 3V cell batteries.

Please follow the following steps when replacing the batteries in your movable switch.

1. Remove the three old batteries from the switch
2. Slide one 2032 cell battery into place
3. Turn the movable switch over and you should see the red status light ON
4. Make sure that the red status light goes OFF!

- After the red status light turns OFF, you can insert the remaining two replacement batteries

- If the red light does NOT turn OFF, see step 5

5. Remove the single replacement cell battery that you just inserted
6. Wait 15 seconds
7. Slide a single replacement battery into a different terminal
8. Again, ensure that the red status light turns OFF before inserting the remaining two batteries

- If the red light does NOT turn OFF, start over at step 5

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